Through individual and group grants, The Coastal Awakening organization preserves the Central Coast cultural history and spirit of creative alchemy, contemplation, and experimentation.

The Coastal Awakening organization supports writers, artists and creative seekers of varied disciplines who embody and demonstrate the Coastal Awakening cultural movement of land, liberation, and realization to be centered and resonating from San Luis Obispo County.

Grant Program Overview

The Robert Shanbrom/Xiaoping Cheng Family Fund is seeking proposals from nonprofit agencies in San Luis Obispo County looking to organize and facilitate performances, exhibitions, and/or projects aligned with the Coastal Awakening cultural movement. According to Bob Shanbrom, “The Coastal Awakening has been occurring on the Central Coast for nearly ninety years. It is best described as the arts, music and literature that celebrate the interplay of our landscape with the liberation, personal growth/human potential movement. The movement began with the Dunites/theosophists and continued through the Beats who inhabited Big Sur and the Central Coast, hippies and Esalen Institute and it continues in the unique lifestyles and avocations of the people of the Central Coast.”

This fund will support events and performances that are presented in October 2018, as part of the concentrated effort during Coastal Awakening month in San Luis Obispo County. However, there is some flexibility regarding the timeline of the performance or project presentation to the community. Agencies must be active members of Spokes to be considered for funding.

Grant range will be $500-$1,000 and agencies will receive notification of funding by June 30, 2018.

Narrative-Maximum 3-Pages

1. Please provide information about your organization, including Mission Statement and Core Values, brief history, programs, and organizational structure.

2. Describe the proposed performance/exhibition/project? How does it align with the Coastal Awakening’s goal of celebrating the Central Coast’s physical and cultural geography as well as its artistic diversity?

3. Describe the marketing and communication that will take place to promote this event/project.

4. What community collaboration(s) and partnership(s) will ensure the success of this event/exhibition/project.


Please attach the following with the narrative Cover Page with the following information:

Organization name

Name of project

Name of person submitting the request

Contact email

Contact phone

Mailing address

Organization EIN number

Amount of request

Proposed Project Budget

Current Agency Operating Budget

List of Board of Directors (Please include the following Information: City of Residence and profession/expertise)

Remit to

Email submissions must be in PDF format.

No phone calls. No drop-ins.

Alternatively, mail to ARTS Obispo, 1123 Mill Street, SLO, CA 93401


Please submit all proposals by 11:59 pm June 30, 2018.


All grant proposals will be reviewed and all applicants will be notified by July 18, 2018.

Eligible Organizations

An organization must have a current tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) or a current memorandum of understanding outlining fiscal sponsorship partnership to apply.

Eligible Individuals

Individuals or creative groups without 501c3 classification must contact ARTS Obispo and apply via email or through mail.


Organizations that discriminate based on age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion • Organizations and programs designed to elect candidates to public office • Organizations located outside San Luis Obispo County unless for a specific program benefiting residents of-and conducted within-San Luis Obispo County • Endowment funds • Scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, and technical or specialized research organizations.