The Reboot – Storytelling Reimagined


The Reboot – Storytelling ReImagined is directing the Central Coast Awakening grant toward storytelling workshops open to all (see attached flyer for details on Sept. 29 storytelling workshop). More storytelling workshops will be offered over the winter months to develop a “pipeline” of stories and tellers primed to grace The Reboot stage when the event “reboots” in spring 2019. A portion of the funding is going to small “honorariums” to thank the seasoned storytellers who so graciously supported the event in its infancy with their regular presence and wonderful stories. Without them, The Reboot wouldn’t be the thriving creative happening it is today.

Rachel Ross, the host and curator of The Reboot – Storytelling ReImagined makes her living as a wordsmith, crafting words to convey a message in whatever format the client requests, from reports, web content and documentary films to profiles and feature stories. Born in San Francisco, Rachel spent her formative years in Los Angeles. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in sociology at UC Santa Cruz, she went on to host a radio show of Latin Jazz and work as an investigative researcher in television news and as National Publicist on KQED-TV documentaries—where she had the good fortune to be mentored by the renowned journalist, Bill Moyers. Later, Rachel lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she taught English by day, and danced samba until dawn.

She speaks Portuguese fluently. Rachel raised her two sons in Los Angeles but as soon as she got the youngest one off to college, she escaped to the central coast and has made Morro Bay her home since September 2016. After taking tons of improv classes with Sabrina Pratt’s Central Coast Comedy Theater, Rachel was invited to join CCCT’s house team, The Happy Accidents; she continues to perform, revel and grow in improv’s joyous playground at venues around the central coast.

Rachel takes her inspiration for The Reboot from the great NPR radio programs The Moth and Snap Judgment, as well as, the long-running local story slam on third Wednesdays at Linnaea’s Café in SLO. Her unique format for the event—mixing storytelling, poetry, sketch, and a little dish of audience participation she calls impromptu pudding—makes each run of The Reboot a delightfully surprising adventure in wordplay and performance.

For more information on this project or to tell a story, please visit the project’s on their Social Media Pages.